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Listening to you!

I want to represent Maryland's 6th District because I understand that main street and small businesses need leaders to actually listen. Not government leaders who tell communities what they want instead of asking them what they need, while using people as political talking points during elections.

Below are a set of ideas taken from my meetings and conversations with you.

I believe in free and creative markets, rugged but collaborative individualism, smart government, freedom and equality for all, and a strong defense. The issues we face are rural, urban, and exist in Garrett, Allegany, Washington, Frederick, Montgomery County, Maryland, and all over the United States. 


Together, we can create an MD6 that works for all, not just the well-connected or wealthy! If elected you can count on me to walk and chew gum and work to deliver for you. Also see: Policy Positions.

Mission 6 for 6 is for you! 

1. Mental Health - Continue to build a strong ecosystem.


2. Innovation, Science & Technology - Open opportunities for a 21st century economy and beyond!


3. Entrepreneurship - Create an environment where we invest in current and future generations of job creators!


4. Apprenticeships & Trades - Young-people should graduate high school with a certification in a trade!


5. Agriculture - Support family farms and offer skilled training and jobs along the farm to table supply chain.


6. Circular Economy - Foster an ecosystem where we are interdependent, respectful of everyones rights and liberties and connected but detachable! 

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