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Rebecca Jean McDow

Mental Health Advocate & Department of Justice Staffer

I’m Rebecca J. McDow and I've been married to Stephen for 19 years.  I’m a mental health advocate who co-produces, co-hosts, an international podcast heard in over 70 countries globally with Stephen and our expert co-host Dr. Aimee Daramus – Bi-Polar Girl Podcast (


Our Story

I turned 18 and joined the United States Army where I graduated on the Commanders List. I met Stephen while stationed at the original Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. While serving, the stress of the Iraq War exasperated an unknown illness. Later we found out it was Bi-Polar, after the birth of our first born. Stephen encouraged me to fight and get healthy – And I did. It was his loving support that led me to graduating with honors from Montgomery Community College (Deans List), the University of Pennsylvania (Cum Laude) and recently invited to enroll in Kent State University to obtain my MLIS degree. 


Professionally, Stephen encouraged me early on in our 19 years of marriage to obtain a professional career. I started out in Banking and then hired 7 years ago at the Department of Justice in their Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (War Crimes Settlement Court).  I now sit on Attorney General Merrick Garland's Commission on Diversity. 

Some interesting information about Stephen and I: Stephen's Great-Great Grandfather and my Great-Grandfather both worked at the White House. Frank Williams was a service worker in the early 1900's and mine - William Ralf Barker - was a White House federal police officer under the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. Story has it he was supposed to work the night President Truman's other security officer was murdered at Blair House. Also, My great-grandfather was lucky in that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt personally picked out his house for his wife and kids (my Grandma Norma) because the First Lady felt it was too far for a family man with 5 kids to travel to work.  

As you can see Stephen and I both come from hard working people! And as hard as we work for one another, and our family members worked for Presidents of the United States, I ask that you trust Stephen with your support and vote as I have for the last 19 years! He is my trusted partner and friend and will work everyday to help you improve your life! 

Massachusetts & Maryland Certificate

Rebecca received acknowledgement for her advocacy in the Mental Health space and for her international podcast, Bi-Polar Girl, heard in over 70 countries globally from Congressman David Trone, MD-6, Governor Maura Healey, MA-D and Lt. Governor Kimberley Driscoll, MA-D. Rebecca and Stephen started the show to create community for individuals who might be lonely due to the mental illness fight. They've interview, with their Co-host Dr. Aimee Daramus, leading researchers, authors, advocates, and individuals with lived experience for 4 seasons now.

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