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Who is Stephen?

The world says everyone has a code they live by. My code comes from my family lineage. My mom is an innovator who patented a medical device, works as an actress, and volunteers at her church. My uncle is Pastor William A. D. Spence II, a proud owner of Robeks Juice Bar (Rockville) and the founding pastor of Harvest Life Fellowship. I am the proud grandson of a retired elementary school teacher, Mediel W. Spence and an African-American business man – William A. D. Spence I who, along with his brothers, started and successfully ran one of the first African American owned trucking companies in the state of Virginia – during the Jim Crow South. My Great-Great uncle Joseph L. Pierce was one of the first African American graduates of the Wharton School of Business, and the first African-American Partner/Broker/CPA at the John R. Pinkett Insurance Company in Washington, DC, based in the Shaw neighborhood from 1932 until 1992. Pinkett Insurance company was the first African American owned and operated insurance company in Washington, DC. My Great-Great Aunt is Delilah W. Pierce, a nationally and internationally known artist, curator, educator, and advocate. Delilah helped fight for rural and urban arts education in the 1941 education bill to name a few.

If you trust me we will place that power back into the hands of the PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

The Legacy
That Drives Me!

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